Tuesday, November 22, 2011

AWESOME Thanksgiving Side Dish

So, last night my mom and I prepared the most amazing vegetable EVER!  BRUSSEL SPROUTS!!!  Before you get the hot spits, please give these cute little mini cabbages a chance.  Brussels are low in cals, and are anti-oxidants helping to fight many cancers.  Make them as a side dish for TG dinner.  So easy, fills you up, and tastes delish!  So EAT YOUR BRUSSEL SPROUTS!!!!

1.   Buy FRESH brussel sprouts right on the vine
2.   Cut the ends of and take off any loose leaves
3.   Wash thoroughly
4.   Cut each sprout in half

Put about 2 tbsp of olive oil in a skillet and heat up.  throw in your sprouts.  sprinkle sea salt, ground pepper and garlic on your sprouts.  Sautee for about 10-15 minutes.  Enjoy! Here's a pic of the finished produt:

Monday, November 14, 2011

Running a Race...a Healthy Mindset

Yesterday, I ran my favorite race of the year...the Stockadeathon in Schenectaday County. The race is a hilly 15k (9.3 miles) and the first time I ran it was in 1998.  I have run the race for many years taking a year off here and there to get married and have a couple of babies. The older I get, the more I enjoy it.  I know what you are thinking...."i wonder what the psychotic workout queen's time was".  Well, let me tell you....I'm uncertain of my time because I haven't looked at the time when I cross the finish line in YEARS!  I understand being competitive and motivating yourself.  Trust me....I get that.  I used to compete with myself and others too, having to WIN and being very angry, frustrated and feeling like a failure if i wasn't THE BEST.  Since I have stopped competing and started running this race for 100% pure fun, I have enjoyed it so much more! 

So there, I was yesterday....drove to the race alone, ran the race alone and crossed the finish line alone.  I loved it!  I listened to my ipod, singing the entire time, not caring who heard me.  The race gave me plenty of time to reflect and think about things.  I was taking in the sun, scenery and I thought about how lucky I was to be able to just wake up, and run 9.3 miles.  I haven't run in over a month so I was pretty excited that I could just roll out of bed and run, run, run!  Sometimes, as athletes, we are so wrapped up in winning, and trying to "beat our time" that we take for granted the simple fact that we have two legs that are strong enough to run distances. 

So, my advice...the next race you run, do it for pure fun and while you are running be proud and thankful of your strong, healthy body.  Oh, you want to know what my time was yesterday?  Look it up in today's paper :)