Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's the Deal With Coffee?

This week I have been having a personal struggle with my coffee maker.  I have a single cup coffee maker and the motor died on Mother's Day.  I was looking forward to a cup of coffee in bed on Mother's Day and my coffee maker was dead.  So, every morning this week, Matt has been running over to Cumberland Farms after boot camp to pick me up a cup of coffee.  I can NOT physically get out of bed unless I have a cup of coffee.  So, today, I had a 30% off coupon to Kohl's and went over to buy a brand new, Mac Daddy Cuisinart single cup coffee maker.  It was the last one!  I scooped it up, went home and took it out of the box to begin setting it up.  I was only about 30 minutes away from a hot cup of coffee.  As I was unpacking it, I noticed an unpleasant scent of old coffee and saw grounds and water stains all over the coffee maker.  Someone apparently did not like their Cuisinart and brought it back.  I almost cried at this point.  I just wanted a cup of coffee!  I couldn't justify spending $150 on a coffee maker only to find it crusty with old grounds and used.  Plus, if it was used, there was probably something wrong with it.  I then thought I would give my Keurig one last shot.  I was desperate.  So, I called customer service (which was fabulous) to try to troubleshoot.  I filled the reservoir up with water and suddenly the motor started working and it was back in action!  Woot woot!  All this time, the reservoir was not sitting right.  What is wrong with me?   So, I sit here, blogging and drinking the best cup of coffee I have had in a LONG TIME!  So, what is the point of my story?  Clients ask me all of the time if coffee is okay to drink while trying to become healthy and fit.  The answer is YES (if in moderation!).  I am a huge believer in moderation.  I drink 2 cups of regular coffee per day and one decaf.  I also drink about 60-80 oz of water per day.  A few cups of coffee coupled with your water intake is just fine!  Drinking coffee before your workout may also help you perform better and burn more fat and cals!  So, enjoy that hot cup of coffee!!!!

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  1. Schnizzle Dizzle could never live without her coffee! I'm so happy you're caffeine debacle is cured. :-)