Saturday, October 20, 2012

Childhood Obesity...There is HOPE!

This morning was a good morning that gave me new hope for our children.  Since the Autism 5k back in September, my son Anthony has been a 5k crazy man... We completed the Autism 5k as a family this year.  However, I put ZERO expectations on my kids.  I didn't care if they crawled across the finish line, as long as they crossed...we were doing it in honor of all of those that live with an Autism Spectrum disorder and I wanted it to be fun for them. 

Well....since then, Anthony has become ADDICTED to 5k races.  I am loving this because the only outdoor physical activity I could get this kid to do was to turn the page of a book while sitting in a chair on the deck. He has run a 5k almost every weekend since then and has completed 4 of them in the past month.

It was the Great Pumpkin Challenge that they ran this morning. This was the first race in a while that I have not run.  I was on the sidelines cheering on some of my clients and my husband and two sons. 

As I stood there watching the runners finish, something hit me....The number of children running the race was amazing!  I have been running 5k races for over 13 years, and I have NEVER seen so many kids involved. 

Our society is headed in a very dangerous direction in regards to childhood obesity, but there was a ray of light shining today that gave me hope for the future!  Fit, healthy kids running with their parents and actually ENJOYING it!

My advice (if you want it)...get your kids involved WITH you in physical activity.  If the parents are fit and healthy and excited about exercise, our kids stand a much better chance of becoming fit, healthy adults.

I will NEVER force my kids to exercise,  but i WILL encourage them to find something physical they like to do and I will do whatever it takes to keep it a positive experience.  I am so grateful that Anthony has become interested in running 5k races.  It has become a weekend family affair for us.  It has really helped us all to become closer as a family too!  My 8 year-old is enjoying it too and I couldn't be happier.  I went to a psychic last year and she kept telling me that she saw wings on Anthony's feet.  I wasn't certain what she meant by that....I think I understand now.

Here's to healthy families!!!!

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