Thursday, January 20, 2011

Muffin Top?

I was in the dressing room at a local fancy schmancy dress shop and my dear 6-yr old son who LOVES to shop, was with me hauling dress after dress in and out of the dressing room.  My sister, the OTHER Matron of Honor in our little sis's wedding had a baby six weeks ago, so it was voted that I had to be the bridesmaid dress model.  Lucky me...My boy was with me, zipping me up and helping me in and out of the dresses.  As I was looking in the mirror facing the horror of being 37 and in a frilly bridesmaid dress, trying to convince myself that i looked just as good as the 17 yr old giggly girls in the dressing room next to me trying on prom dresses, my son....out of NOWHERE says...."Mom, does this dress make you have a muffin top?"  HE'S SIX YEARS OLD!  i asked him if he knew what a muffin top was and he said, "yes, it's when you have a little jiggly stuff over your jeans in your belly area".  Seriously?  He said he saw it on a commercial.  Needless to say....i walked out of my first bridesmaid shopping experience feeling a little deflated and defeated.  Then i set my fitness goal for 2011.  It's not going to be to run a marathon and it's not going to be to participate in some extraordinary athletic, competetive event.  This year, my goal is to get to the gym 5x per week.  I'm keeping it simple. I will take it day to day and week to week.  Honestly, my first two weeks of the New Year were a little touch and back was out the first week and my household was plagued with strep throat on week two, so i did not meet my goal.  However, I have made it 4x this week and tomorrow will be 5.  Hooray for me!  The key here is not to look back.  Only look forward.  Life will always get in the way.  We need to be flexible with that concept while not using it as an excuse to let our health and fitness go. It is so challenging to find the happy medium and balance, but with a ton of effort, we all have it in us. I realized after years of struggling with my fitness (exercise AND nutrition), that working out and eating right  is not a temporary endeavor.  Fitness is a way of life.  As soon as I realized I was in it for the long haul, I surrendered to it and it became much less overwhelming.  What are your fitness goals for 2011?  I'd love to hear...PS...I do NOT have a muffin top.  However, the batter is on the brink of baking over, so i will continue to go to they gym to prevent any spillage :)

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  1. great post. and no melissa you do NOT Have a muffin top! LOL. you have a fabulous FLAT tummy. and i like how you said never look back, just look forward. thats great for many people to hear. i love your blog.