Monday, January 17, 2011

The Waterslide Wedding

It is really almost here.  Four months and three days until the infamous Wateslide Wedding.  My baby sister is finally getting married.  The LAST one out of five of us.  Why do we call it the "Waterslide Wedding"?  Because she is getting married at the Great Escape Lodge where there is a "mac-daddy" indoor waterpark.  Anyone with kids knows exactly what I am talking about.  So, not only am I going to be a 37 and 11 month old Matron of Honor, but I may very well have to get into a bathing suit to take waterslide pictures. However, this is NOT about me.  This is about my dear, wonderful little sister's HUGE day. Let's face it though, owning a Fitness Company and teaching Boot Camp Challenge puts a certain amount of pressure and standards on me and the fact that I am expected to have a perfect physique. I'm a pretty sharp girl and I am well aware that 90% of the time when I meet someone, and they hear what I do for a living, I instantly get the "full body scan".  The eyes plummet from my face to my stomach, hips and thighs.  Then when I turn around, I feel the gaze on my tush.  Hey, I can't blame them.  If they ever consider investing in my fitness services, I need to be a positive, healthy role model and walking billboard for my company, Make It Fit, LLC.  What everyone needs to realize though is that a "positive, healthy role model" does NOT necessarily mean being rail thin or flawless.  It certainly does NOT mean spending 3 hours per day in the gym, 7 days per week and consuming under 1000 calories per day.  Being a positive, healthy role model means BALANCE and enjoying life.  It means moderation.  Moderation of exercise and eating in moderation.  Welcome to my blog.  This is my first of many entries.  I will take you through my personal workouts, menus, challenges and dress fittings to get ready for the Waterslide Wedding and I will offer you REALISTIC fitness tips, food finds, recipes, help set you up for FITNESS SUCCESS!  I would also love to hear from my readers.  Let me know what you want to hear about.  I have years of personal and professional experience to share! 

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  1. this is FABULOUS and i am so glad you are blogging and I will be reading it all the time! congrats!