Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bikini or Tankini?

Summer is in full swing and  I have my yearly beach vacation coming up SOON!  During my summer vacation,  I am far away for the world of judgment and no one in Delaware knows me or my profession or really cares.  Therefore, I am confident to prance around on the beach for 7 days straight in a bikini with my battle scars of carrying two babies and my cellulite out there for the world to see.

My struggle is at HOME at the town pools.  This is the first year we have joined the town pool and we are there every day.  I bought  a few new 2-piece tankinis to wear to the town pools.  I shouldn't care what people think, but c'mon people....I'm human too.  I'm the Boot Camp Lady....the MUD GIRL,  the fitness girl on Channel 13.  I watch people look me up and down when they first meet me WITH MY CLOTHES ON.  I can't imagine what goes on when I'm prancing around the town pool in my bathing suit.  Therefore, I made a decision to wear one-piece bathing suits to the town pool....until my tan lines got all messed up.  So...yesterday I sucked it up finally and put my new bikini on and caught up on my tan.  I entered the gate a little self conscious, then I took off my cover up and put it all out there for the world to see.  After about 5 minutes I was fine.  I saw people looking me up and down, I'm sure noticing my dimples in my legs and the extra cushion around my mid-section.  However, I held my head up, tied my halter a little extra tight to get the girls nice and high and I was fine!  I tell my clients to be proud of who they are and what they look like.  What kind of a role model would I be if I didn't implement the same beliefs?   Here are some photos from my past few years of vacations.  All 125 lbs of me :)  I'm not perfect, but I work my TAIL off and I'm going to be proud of what God gave me...cellulite and all! DISCLAIMER:  This blog entry is not about me complaining that i am fat.  I am NOT fat, nor do I think so.  In fact, I am extremely healthy and in great shape.  The purpose of this entry is to let people know that we ALL are critical of our bodies and feel a bit self conscious at times.  We see ourselves differently then others do.  It's human nature!

Me and my hubby. Matt's body...compliments of DS Janet.  Ha!
Me and my Aussie.  See how he's in front of me covering me up?  Hey, this was HARD for me to post bikini pics...I need to ease into it....

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