Friday, July 8, 2011


So, I am an ice cream junkie.  I love ice cream.  I dream about ice cream and someday I would like to train to be a competitive eater so I can enter the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream eating contest.  Serioulsy....did anyone see Joey Chestnut and that other guy with the mohawk hairdo shovel down over 60 hot dogs (with buns) in 10 minutes?  After I was done dry heaving as I was watching, I soon became obsessed with competitive eating.  I believe it's a sport.  Is it the best thing for your body?  Hell no...but I still am completely obsessed with the sport of competitive eating.  Back to the ice cream.  So, maybe if do enter the B and J ice cream contest, I'll eat so much that I will never want ice cream again....but I highly doubt it.  So, until that day, I will continue to LOVE and enjoy ice cream...but enjoy it in moderation.  Here are a few ways that I stay in control of my love for ice cream:

1.     Eat it out of a cone.  You can't fit as much in a cone and you are less likely to drown it in toppings
2.     When going out for ice cream order a kiddie size with NO toppings. 
3.     Go to Pirates Hideout and order Only 8.  It's low fat, low cal, high protein...delish
4.    Stick a popsicle stick in a banana and freeze it.  YUM.  Such a delicious , healthy frozen treat!

stay cool my friends.....

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  1. I slice and freeze bananas and blend it with a couple tablespoons of unsweetened dark cocoa powder and its becomes like a chocolate ice cream. its so good!