Sunday, March 20, 2011

When Life Gives You LEMONS....Make Lemonade Spiked With VODKA!

It's been an interesting week, to say the least... I feel like I have been tested this week.  Those lemons that life gives us have not  been given to me in a gingerly fashion.  Instead, they have been thrown at me at a speed of 90 mph in every different direction.  I feel like I did when I was in high school playing dodge ball (always the last to be picked) going home with welts on my legs from the darn dodge ball game.  Do they even play that in phys ed anymore?  Anyway....I know life can be worse...blah blah blah..but for this moment...for right now, I give myself permission to be angry and fed up.  You see, If I allow myself to be a grumpy dump truck for a couple of hours, I get over it much quicker.  It has been a challenging week.  We have some unexpected obstacles going on with our home and our attempt to try to sell it AND it's that time of year again when my Anthony's Asperger's gets the best of him.  I'm not certain why, but every year like clock work, around this time, he seems to unravel.  Poor kid...everything is a HUGE mountain to him and everything is catastrophic.  His anxiety over every day tasks shoots through the roof.  For example...he couldn't sleep the other night because he didn't do well on a school assignment and he was afraid he was going to be sent back to 3rd grade.  The kid literally thought this would happen.  I could go on and on about my measly little problems, but I won't.  Instead I am going to list the things in my life at this moment that I am grateful for.  First of I feel overwhelmed, I think of Japan and that totally brings me back to reality.  It really does.  However, I have so many wonderful things to be grateful for, so here they are:

1.  MY KIDS. Though they make me crazy, they crack me up and are such good little guys.  My Austin giving himself a pedicure on the beach and Anthony absorbing more facts about U.S. Presidents:

2.  MY HUSBAND.  I seriously may have the best husband ever.  My dear Matt always knows how to make lemonade.  He keeps me grounded and always finds the humor and fun in things.  NOTHING is a big deal to Matt.  I love him the most when we are tested with challenges.  He always rises to the occasion.  Us before my Women of the Year Awards Fundraiser:

3. MY JOB.  I love my job so much.  How many people can say that?  I love that I can help people improve the quality of life in an immediate, direct way.  My clients and trainers are my LIVELIHOOD!  They are always supporting each other and ME.  I love you guys! Showing support at the MBPA 5k and at my WOTY event:

4. MY HEALTH.  I never take my health for granted.  I feel so lucky that I am  healthy and fit.  Yes, I work hard at it.  However, I am lucky that I have been given the tools and the knowledge to stay disciplined and to keep myself fit and my family fit.  I appreciate this every day.  I am very lucky that I enjoy exercise and eating right and that I have the ability to implement healthy, balanced habits into my household!  Me and the boys at the 2010 Autism 5k:

I could go on and on, but I don't need to now.  I feel better.  I'm going to go give my kids and hubby a big hug and enjoy our Sunday afternoon together.  Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Melissa...
    Personally, I really appreciate you and the effort you put into your work with all of us. And, I am so grateful to have landed both feet in the Boot Camp Challenge!!
    Anita L. Giovannucci